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Rockland Aerial Photography is a state of the art photography company that creates a unique way for companies and people to see the world from above.



Commercial Real Estate

Establish the potential of commercial properties using a wide variety of angles to produce a multitude of high quality aerial photographs. 


Using aerial photography, architects, city planners, contractors, government agencies and various other commercial industries can utilize a different perspective than previously available. 

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Residential Real Estate 

Prospective homeowners are part of the ever growing real estate industry that has experienced advancements in the media industry. Soon to be homeowners use photos to decide which houses they are interested without even seeing the home in person.

Aerial images and videos will enhance house listings bringing more interested and serious homebuyers to your agency. 


Capture never before seen photographs and videos that catch your customers eye.  Using drone shots for your website, advertisements or even commercials, you can give your customers a unique perspective and a better understanding of your goods or service. Using a bird's eye view for you and prospective clients allow for more in-depth knowledge which allows for easier communication and easier transaction process.



Rockland Aerial Photography is a certified FAA 107 "LLC" founded with a passion for drone photography.  We specialize in drone photography and videography for all of the Tri-State area. With a combination of knowledge, dedication, and eagerness to follow our dreams, Rockland Aerial Photography looks to provide a high quality product for our customers. As FAA Certified Part 107 drone pilots we adhere to all regulations and safety procedures while creating a great product in an effective and efficient manner.

Our Team

Rockland Aerial Photography is a partnership between two lifelong friends from Valley Cottage, New York. Ryan Ebner and Dylan Lynch are Cofounders who turned their passion for droneography into a business. Both Dylan and Ryan, when not flying their drones, work as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) in New York City. Ryan first bought a drone for entertainment as a hobby, but quickly developed a love for drones when he saw how drones are being used in movies and sports. Similarly, Dylan always had a niche for photography which blossomed into a need to take unique and never before seen shots. Both Ryan and Dylan have an undying passion for aerial photography which will allow them to be a part of the cutting edge industry, that is aerial photography.

Dylan Lynch
Ryan Ebner

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